Aqueduct Picks

April 24, 2014

(980) 297-202-168 — 30.3% Winners, 68.1% on the board

Race 1: #1 The Iron Furnace

Race 2: #6 Eurokay by Me

Race 3: #1 Trace Screen and #1A Vona

Race 4: #9 Very Cherry Candy

Race 5: #3 Touch the Star

Race 6: #3 Define

Race 7: #5 Lubash

Race 8: #4 Groomedforvictory

Race 9: #4 Send the Limo



23 comments on “Aqueduct Picks

  1. Do you have any Pick 4’s or Exotic predictions at Aqueduct ? Or do RacingDudes only predict winners of races? My first time on you site.

  2. Sat. 3/30 at the Big A you have C. Velasquez winning 7/10 races. Couldn’t happen to nicer jockey. Love to see him win at least 4Races.

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  5. jason who works 4 n.y.r.a. is no handicapper the kid is clueless. the only reason he got the job was he has family members working there at lest andy,eric.maggie have somewhat of a clue but the jason kid is a joke

    • total joke. if I told you a knock knock joke and it was so funny, it wouldn’t be more of a joke than what he is!

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