Oaklawn Swag Part 2: The Arkansas Derby

Here are some of the pictures we captured from the paddock area right before the running of the Arkansas Derby!  Enjoy!


Oaklawn Swag Part 1: A Tribute to Will Take Charge

Many of you have probably seen the amazing photo’s over the last year from Mike Sekulic, who captures Santa Anita like no one else can.  Well today we are posting pictures from our personal collection of last weekend’s action at Oaklawn Park.  WARNING…the pictures aren’t as good as Mike’s, but we still think you’ll enjoy him.  The first Oaklawn Swag post will be an all WILL TAKE CHARGE tribute post!  Tomorrow we’ll post an all Arkansas Derby picture collection.  Enjoy!

Cali Swag: A Tribute to the Handicap Division

With three months of the year gone there is no question what the most exciting division has been: The Older Male Handicap Division!  Today we’ve went back into our archive of photo’s from Mike Sekulic, and found pictures of the divisions four heavy hitters: Palace Malice, Mucho Macho Man, Game On Dude, and Will Take Charge.  Enjoy!

Cali Swag: Big Cap Day at Santa Anita

It was a massive day Saturday at Santa Anita, and of course Mike Sekulic was on had to capture all the action.  Here are his great shots of Big Cap Day!  Photo’s include: Game On Dude, Will Take Charge, California Chrome, and many more!  Enjoy!

Cali Swag: Mucho Macho Man Preps for the Big Cap

Everyone knows we are huge Will Take Charge fans, but this Saturday it was Mucho Macho Man that was on public display at Santa Anita as he prepped for the Santa Anita Handicap.  Mike Sekulic was on hand to capture the public workout, and here are his awesome photo’s!

Cali Swag: Photo’s from the Great Race Place

It’s that time of the week again!  Mike Sekulic was at it again this week capturing Bayern, Eblouissante, Kobe’s Back, Iotapa, and Game On Dude!

Cali Swag: Photos from Santa Anita’s Big Week Part 2

Here are the second set of Mike Sekulic’s great pictures from Santa Anita.  Enjoy!

Cali Swag: Photos from Santa Anita’s Big Week Part 1

Mike Sekulic was on hand to capture all the big moments at the “Great Race Place” this week, and was awesome enough to send us some pictures.  Thanks so much to Mike, and we hope you enjoy.

Cali Swag: Photos from the Great Race Place

Here are some weekend photos of the stakes action at Santa Anita from Mike Sekulic!  Enjoy!


Free Late Pick 4 Selections: December 26, 2014

Flashback Looks to get back into the Winners Circle

Flashback Looks to get back into the Winners Circle

Santa Anita Ticket

Race 6: 1,4,6

Race 7: 8,7,6,4

Race 8: 4,5,7,9,10,11,3

Race 9: 8,5

Ticket Cost: $84 (.50 cent)

Aqueduct Ticket

Race 6: 1,5,3,4

Race 7: 5,8,2,9

Race 8: 6,4,2,8

Race 9: 8,1,5

Ticket Cost: $96 (.50 cent)

Gulfstream Ticket

Race 7: 10,7,6,5,4

Race 8: 1,4,9,8

Race 9: 2,9,7,6

Race 10: 1,2,12

Ticket Cost: $120 (.50 cent)

Fair Grounds Ticket

Race 6: 8,5,10,11

Race 7: 3,7,8

Race 8: 4,5,3,6

Race 9: 6,1

Ticket Cost: $48 (.50 cent)

Tampa Bay Ticket

Race 6: 7,3,6,8

Race 7: 9,1,4,10

Race 8: 8,7,5,4,11,12

Race 9: 1,9

Ticket Cost: $96 (.50 cent)

Golden Gate Ticket

Race 6: 1-12

Race 7: 9,2

Race 8: 9,4,1

Race 9: 8.9

Ticket Cost: $72 (.50 cent)

Hawthorne Ticket

Race 6: 4,1

Race 7: 5,3,4

Race 8: 1,2

Race 9: 8,2,5

Ticket Cost: $12 (.50 cent)

Laurel Ticket

Race 6: 6,5,2,1

Race 7: 10,5,6,1

Race 8: 5,1,3,4

Race 9: 3,2

Ticket Cost: $64 (.50 cent)

Turfway Ticket

Race 6: 3,6,7

Race 7: 2,7,6

Race 8: 2,7

Race 9: 4,1,12

Ticket Cost: $27 (.50 cent)

Delta Ticket

Race 7: 3,5,10,6

Race 8: 5,2,9,1

Race 9: 6,3,1

Race 10: 10,5

Ticket Cost: $48 (.50 cent)