Golden Gate Fields Picks


April 25, 2014

Stats: (855) 278-163-126 — 32.5% winners, 66.3% on the board

Race 1: #3 Wachett

Race 2: #6 Funny How

Race 3: #6 Curly Girly

Race 4: #1 French Alps

Race 5: #2 Mon Mousse

Race 6: #9 Tahoe Strip

Race 7: #7 Blue Line Cat

Race 8: #7 Unique Suances



8 comments on “Golden Gate Fields Picks

  1. 1st race, chilotin, do you see the “odds-disparity,” I hope your correct. Did you see the difference in types of past races.

  2. Let’s hope Russell Baze kepps on winning…! What a season he is having. fun to watch. On the board every race. Can’t ask for more than that.

  3. Been using your numbers pretty constantly at Golden Gate up big thanks took the Baze double on the last two races for 100 since I was up so much bam paid 16 bucks I had it 50 times THANKS

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