Gulfstream Park Picks

April 25, 2014

Stats: (78) 23-11-12 — 29.5% winners, 59% on the board

Race 1: #5 Great Rising Star

Race 2: #2 World Charger

Race 3: #2 Angel’s Girl

Race 4: #5 Moonshine Sipper

Race 5: #8 Felixia

Race 6: #6 Philomene

Race 7: #1 Palatine Hill

Race 8: #3 Volcano Run


24 comments on “Gulfstream Park Picks

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    • We put a lot of work in trying to provide as many winners at possible. Truth is, as you know, it can be tough somedays! Thanks so much for visiting the site! Here is to a big 2014!

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  3. I see you duds picked all chalk again, you know that’s not going to happen, why don’t list any 6/7 to 1’s or more to win ??? I like the 4 7 or the 8 in the 7th. Like most online cappers they want to keep the 30% range on win’s. Take a chance, I bet both of you have much different numbers on your tickets. Everyone that looks at this site can pick the same numbers. Get with it !!!

    • Hey Jack good hearing from you again! We’ll keep what you said in mind. Hopefully we’ll both have a great day tomorrow at Gulfstream! Last time you were critical of our selections at Hawthorne we responded by going 5 for 8. Hoping for similar results tomorrow! Good luck hitting some big ones!

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    • Hey John! That might be something we do in the future. Stay tuned as lots of cool changes are coming to the site and we are hoping everyone likes them! Thanks so much for the suggestion and visiting the site!

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  5. Finally here, first time going to gulfstream today. I will be using your picks and hopefully make some cash, any best bet today?

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