Santa Anita Park Picks

April 25, 2014

Stats: (0) 0-0-0 — 0% winners, 0% on the board

Race 1: #2 City Ride

Race 2: #3 Live Lucky

Race 3: #9 Addendum

Race 4: #3 Joelito

Race 5: #4 Newfound Gold

Race 6: #1 Hijra

Race 7: #4 Magic Mark

Race 8: #10 Kozani



44 comments on “Santa Anita Park Picks

  1. Just like to know how much you charge for your service. I am indeed impressed with your free picks. I will be anxiously awaiying a reply. My name is Aubrey

    • Hey Aubrey, thanks for commenting! Our win picks are always free, and we have sheets called “Simple Plays” available for purchase on the weekends. The Simple Plays contain exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and multi-race wagers.

      All our other picks and comments are free! Hope you enjoy the site, and come back often. If you have any other questions, let us know!

    • I’m actually wondering that myself. Thought he’d be entered at Santa Anita Thursday, surprised he wasn’t. I know he’s had feet issues in the past, maybe he’s struggling with that again. Just speculation…

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    • Haha, well I’m not in love with anything in the race so I think she’s worth a shot at a price. Second race off a long layoff, has ran well at Santa Anita in the past, and hopefully round back in to that kind of form tomorrow.

  2. Very understandable, looks as if it could be wide open. I will stick with Gulsary, but I also like Charm the Maker, could be another horse for course

    • Hey Charles! Thanks for visiting the site! We currently offer our SimplePlays‚ĄĘ product for all races at Oaklawn and each weekend for various tracks around the country. More times than not, Santa Anita is included in those. Please keep checking on Friday evenings for them to be posted!

  3. Love your site Racing Dudes.. Awesome selection on the #3 Buckingham Bull with Talamo. Sweet selection. I wouldn’t have had him had it not been for your free pics.

    Thanks a bunch.



  4. Just discovered you guys today. You kicked butt at Golden Gate. Your my inside source from now on. Thank you.

  5. nice job avoiding the Chicago Angel trainwreck at SA, nice exacta on Big Rosie Brown, nice day amongst the muck

  6. nice score i had at S.A. yestd sun. march 9 r6 1h 1st time starter w 1st asking banged him big was stuck big going into race h paid $15.80 w had $600.00 w on him thats the kind of scores i’m accustomed of having even when stuck i usually bail out not always there are times i get buried but not many. see thats the difference between me and that fraud Jason Blewitt of N.Y.R.A. the kid is no handicapper the only reason he works at N.Y.R.A. is because he has family working there they got him the job. andy serling is a decent handicapper who works for N.Y.R.A. he knows what i’m talking about so does Eric Donavan and Maggie (trainers daughter) who works at N.Y.R.A. as well. u would think the Jason kid after working there 4 awhile would pick up some knowledge improve his handicapping skills but he just hasnt progressed. he’s just as bad as some of the clowns that work at T.V.G.

      • thank you. hate playing from behind having 2 bail out but sometimes thats the way it goes. been betting and handicapping for 38 yrs. now. started when i was 18 yrs old.mainly i’m a win bettor not much in exotics even though i know thats where the $$ are i’m old school (andy beyer) era. once in awhile i make an exacta play if i do usually box or a pick 3 and rare occasion a tri play. sun march 9 i was down -$2160.00 going into r6 S.A. i smoked out the 1h 1st time starter. trained by Garry Mandella who has a 33% win% with 1st time starters. horse looked great on the track. now he was breaking from the rail which i usually dont like with 1st time starters . horse has nice works leading into race. he dint break well thought i was dead. but he closed like a train and won . i bet him he was 8-1 then went down 7-1 closed just below 6-1 pd $15.80 w the $600.00 i bet 2 win on him got back $4740.00 won for the day $1980.00 but heres where i screwed up. could of had huge day/bail out. r4 S.A. i singled the 1h didnt bet it it won paid $30.60 r5 i liked 1h and 9h i bet the 1h he ran 2nd. the 9 h won paid $22.40 ex was $112.20 for $2.oo then r6 the 1h i hit on. in the form going into r4 i wrote down a $10.00 pick 3 r4 r5 r6 1-1-1 and a $10.00 pick 3 1-9-1 the pick 3 was 1-9-1 the pick 3 paid $1752.20 for $1.00 i’m suppose 2 have it 10x major screw up. we all have them but no excuse good thing i did bail out on the win bet r6. thanks again take care and good luck p.s. that new show on esquire horseplayers is great. love it. Rocky

    • It all depends on the caliber of horse in the race. Even though it’s a claiming race, sometimes they draw nice fields so they are rated a bit higher than a MSW that might be loaded with first timers or horses that haven’t ran all that well in the past.

    • Hey Benny! Each weekend we select a few tracks to offer SimplePlays‚ĄĘ for. Santa Anita is sometimes included. However, this weekend we will have Hawthorne, Charles Town, Aqueduct and Gulfstream. As we continue to grow the site we will hopefully have more available for every day like we currently do for Keeneland, Prairie Meadows and Fonner Park. Thanks!

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