TUESDAY SPECIAL: Free Picks for Charles Town, Mountaineer, Sunland, and Turf Paradise


Turf Paradise Picks

Race 1: #6 Regal Randy

Race 2: #1 Liar Liar Liar

Race 3: #7 Esteems Squad

Race 4: #6 Meter Me Gone

Race 5: #4 Careless Hunter

Race 6: #6 Go to the Pulpit

Race 7: #3 Nosetodaringstone

Race 8: #5 Another Victoria

Race 9: #12 Swiss Ski


Sunland Picks

Race 4: #6 Reeser

Race 5: #10 Grand Pulpit

Race 6: #7 E P Who

Race 7: #5 Elway

Race 8: #7 Dawson Who

Race 9: #2 Moon Rising

Race 10: #2 Strawberry Park

Race 11: #1 Out Last


Charles Town Picks

Race 1: #6 Papa Vito

Race 2: #5 Bee Boppin Along

Race 3: #2 Wickedly Bold

Race 4: #7 Stoneless

Race 5: #6 Silent Shot

Race 6: #5 Ray Gardener

Race 7: #1 Safari

Race 8: #5 Real Awesome

Race 9: #1 Dr. Funkenstein and #1A Quad’s Double


Mountaineer Picks

Race 1: #3 Image of Grace

Race 2: #2 La Belle Province

Race 3: #3 Metz

Race 4: #2 Rip and Roll

Race 5: #5 Wine ‘n Wilko

Race 6: #2 Over It

Race 7: #1 La Grenouile

Race 8: #7 Fabulous Miss Bea

Race 9: #6 Bluegrass Star


5 Tips on Betting the Small Tracks

I’ve been made fun of a time or two for my enjoyment of betting tracks like Prairie Meadows and Remington Park, but the fact is both of those tracks are highly successful and enjoyable for me.  Betting small tracks differ from large ones, and you must adjust your game a little to be successful.  Here are five tips that I’ve picked up on that you might think about when betting the “hidden jewels” of racing.

Know Your Trainers and Jockey’s

This is without a doubt the most important aspect of betting a small race track.  Most times there is a certain jockey or trainer that stands out above the others.  Make sure you look closely at the trainer and jockey’s standings, and then bet accordingly.  No matter what type of race, or what kind of odds are on the board, don’t be afraid to bet these trainers and jockey’s. Here are just few examples of trainers and jockeys to watch for at certain tracks: Continue reading